Korean Language Courses

King Sejong Institute, Korean Education Centre 

2019 Korean Language Courses

King Sejong Institute at the Korean Education Centre UK operates Korean Language Courses every year to provide opportunities to learn Korean Language. They are one-year courses over two terms

  • Term 1 (15 weeks) : 19 February – 13 April 2019 (8 weeks), 30 April – 15 June 2019 (7 weeks) 
     (16 April – 27 April : Easter Holiday)
  • Term 2 (15 weeks) : 3 September – 14 December 2019 (15 weeks)

Time Table




Term 1 

(15 weeks) 

Term 2 

(15 weeks) 

Level 1 




Sejong Korean  1 

Sejong Korean  2 

Level 1 




Sejong Korean 1

Sejong Korean 2 

Level 1 




Sejong Korean 1

Sejong Korean  2 

Level 2 





Sejong Korean  3 

Sejong Korean  4 

Level 3 




Sejong Korean  5 

Sejong Korean  6 

Level 4 




Sejong Korean  7 

Sejong Korean  8 


  • Registration period(Term 2): 19 July ~ 23 August 2019
  • We do not receive any registration forms after the registration period.
  • If you have prior knowledge in Korean language, you can register for the Term 2 even if you have not registered for the Term 1.
  • Absolute beginners cannot apply for the Term 2 as Sejong Korean Book 2 will be too advanced for them.
    The next available registration for absolute beginners will be in January 2020.
  • Please read through the KLC Online Registration Guide and make the fee payment before your online registration as you will be asked to upload a proof of fee payment.
  • Click on the follwoing link to fill in the registration form.
     2019 Korean Language Course(Term2) Online Registration Form

Registration FAQ

  • The course registration will be on a first come, first served basis and, therefore, can be closed earlier than the deadline as the places are limited.
  • We do not hold a waiting list.
  • There is no placement test. Please refer the syllabus of each course book to find out your level.
  • Registration process and the fee payment should be done per term, not per year.


Everyone who is interested in Korean and over 16 years old. No prior knowledge of Korean is required for the Level 1 classes.

Course Fee

£90 per term (15 weeks)

  • The fee is not refundable after the first week of the course.
  • From 2019, course books will be provided at no charge.

Achievement for the courses

Students with more than 80% attendance for the year will achieve a Certificate of Completion from Korean Education Centre.


Korean Community Centre, 110 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park, London, SW20 0AY 

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For more information please feel free to contact The Korean Education Centre in the UK.