[KF] 2023 Support for Policy-oriented Research Program

12:56 27 Jun 2022

2023 Support for Policy-oriented Research Program

o Program Outline

The Korea Foundation’s Support for Policy-oriented Research Program provides grant support for research projects or programs that provide in-depth analysis and policy recommendations on political, social, and economic issues on Korea.


o Eligibility

Research institutes, think tanks, or university-affiliated research institutions outside of Korea, except those in the U.S.

* Applications should be submitted under the name of accredited institution.


o Areas of Support

1. Policy-oriented research or research activities (seminars, workshops, etc.) related to Korea

Topic examples:

- Issues related to the Korean peninsula: regional security, U.S.-ROK alliance, non-proliferation, soft power, Korea-Japan relations, etc.

- Science and technology cooperation: digital transformation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and 6G, quantum computing and communications, semiconductor, etc.

- Universal values and global issues: human rights and democracy, climate change and environment, energy, supply chain, post-COVID-19 international order, changing geopolitics, etc.

2. Establishment of research positions or research units/programs which focus on Korea-related research

- Korea Chair/Fellow, Korea Program, Korea Center, etc.


o Grant Coverage

Project expenses, researcher/staff salaries, publication fee, etc.

- Coverage of indirect costs can be requested at an amount of up to 10% of total direct costs.

- Office operating expenses and tangible assets are not covered.


o Grant Period

1 year

- Even if institutions have a multi-year research plan, they must apply for the KF Support for Policy-oriented Research Program each year in order to have their projects reviewed annually.

- Proposals for multi-year research plan can only be considered if an institution applies for establishment of research positions or research units/programs which focus on Korea-related research.


o Program Schedule

1. Application period: July 1 – August 31 (6 p.m. KST), 2022

2. Notification of results: by December 31, 2022

- Results will be notified on an individual basis to the email address included in the application.


o Required Document

1. Online application form

2. Supplementary document to be uploaded in the system

- project proposal

- curriculum vitae of project director and participants

- project budget (currency: USD)


o How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via the KF Online Application System (

- Applications must be written in English or Korean, with all budget details given in USD.

- Please answer all questions on the application, and do not leave any questions blank. If a question or section is not applicable to you, please write “N/A.”


o Evaluation Criteria

1. Excellence of the research plan

- Relevance to the objectives of the KF Support for Policy-oriented Research Program

- Timeliness of the research topic and related activities

- Thoroughness and feasibility of research methodology and approaches

2. Capability and experience of participants in terms of achievements and activities related to Korea and East Asia

3. Budget feasibility

- Soundness and cost efficiency of project budget

- Visible efforts to acquire matching funds for the proposed project

4. Anticipated results of the proposed project and plans for dissemination of research results

- Online/offline publication (book, research paper, policy memo, etc.)

- Organization of an event (workshop, international conference, etc.) for the purpose of promoting/disseminating research results


o Reporting

The recipient institution must submit the following reports within the grant period:

1. Final report (in the KF’s format with the project director’s signature)

2. Financial statement (in the KF’s format and endorsed by the institution’s highest financial officer)

3. Project outcomes (any relevant publications, articles, program books, etc.)

Please be aware that:

- Failure to use designated KF formats or comply with the reporting period may adversely affect the evaluation of your future application.

- The KF may ask an institution to submit proof of project activities/accounting.


o Important Reminders

1. The application must be submitted under the name of the endorsing overseas institution.

2. Applicants’ institutions should notify the KF of any changes in the information contained in the proposal after its submission (if relevant).

3. During the application screening process, the KF may require an applicant institution to submit additional information or adjust its project plan.

4. After notifying applicants of the screening results, the KF will discuss the details of project and budget plans with the respective recipient institutions, and then conclude a grant agreement with each accepted institution.

5. The KF will remit the grant to the overseas recipient institution in USD.

6. Accepted projects should be carried out according to the schedule and plans specified in the final project and budget plans attached to the agreement. If the project must be postponed or cancelled for unavoidable reasons, the institution should consult with the KF as soon as possible.


o Contact

1. For technical assistance:

2. For inquiries about the program: