[Invitation] 2020 3rd Special Korean Webinar

13:28 02 Dec 2020

2020 3rd Special Korean Webinar
“The Sounds of Korean : Linguistic and Practical Guide for Korean Pronunciation”

This talk by Dr. Jieun Kiaer and Emily Lord is designed for non-native Korean speakers looking to learn more about the unique sounds of the Korean language, and how to produce Korean sounds naturally and correctly. The talk covers the history of the Korean language and the sound system of Korean, as well as the unique attributes of some Korean sounds that are difficult for English speakers, and phonological rules and sound changes that can cause Korean learners to trip up in their pronunciation.

  • Date and time : 21, 22 & 23 December 2020 at 3~4pm

  • Lecturer

Professor J Kiaer, University of Oxford, Associate Professor in Korean Language and Linguistics

Emily Lord, University of Oxford, Completed Masters degree with distinction

  • Details of Lectures

Lecture 1. Sound Inventory (What sounds are in Korean and what sounds can Hangeul represent? How are they different from English?)

Lecture 2. Phonological rules (What are phonological rules in Korean?)

Lecture 3. How to pronounce/understand difficult sounds (for non-Koreans) 

45 mins of Lecture, 15 mins of questions

  • Online Platform : Zoom (The link will be provided to the registered participants only.)

  • Eligibility : Students who have been learning Korean language at the Korean after school club or anyone who is interested

  • Fees : Free of Charge

  • Registration : Online registration available from 2 December to 21 December 2020 via the following link

2020 3rd Special Korean Webinar Registration