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Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)

  • 2021 GKS application is now closed.
  • 2022 GKS application guidelines will be available in mid-February 2022 on our website. Please refer to the 2021 GKS guidelines for your information via the following link :
    2021 GKS Application Announcement

Programme Overview

Global Korea Scholarship supports the future global leaders and promotes the international cooperation in education by inviting talented international students to Korea for an opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea.designed to provide higher education in Korea for international students with the aim of promoting international exchange in education, as well as mutual friendship amongst the participating countries.

Scholarship Period (Only Postgraduate courses are available for UK applicants)

  • Master Degree: 1 year Language Courses + 2 year Degree Courses
  • Doctoral Degree: 1 year Language Courses + 3 year Degree Courses


  1. The applicant and his/her parents must hold foreign citizenships.
    * Applicants with the Korean citizenship are not permitted to apply for this program.
  2. Only the applicants with UK citizenship can apply via Korean embassy in the UK.
  3. Applicants must be under 40 years of age of the selection year.
  4. Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree as of September 1st of the selection year.
    * Applicants who have completed an undergraduate program, a master’s program, or a doctoral program in Korea are ineligible to apply for the program.
  5. The academic achievement of the applicants must meet one of the followings:
    • The grade point average (GPA) must be no less than 2.64 on a 4.0 scale, 2.80 on a 4.3 scale, 2.91 on a 4.5 scale; or
    • UK Grade Conversion Chart

Selection Procedure

  • 1st Selection
    Applicants submit their applications either to the Korean Embassies in their own countries or to the partering universities in Korea. The embassies and universities select the successful candidates among the applicants in the 1st round of selection. The applicants of the successful candidates will then be forwarded to NIIED.
  • 2nd Selection
    The NIIED selection committee selects the successful those who passed the 1st round.
  • 3rd Selection
    Among the successful candidates who have passed the 2nd round, the applicants of those who applied through the Korean Embassies will be reviewed by universities for admission. Successful candidates must get admission from at least one of the universities.

Scholarship Benefits

Airfare Round-trip economy class ticket
Monthly Allowance 900,000 KRW per month
Research Allowance

210,000 KRW for scholars in the field of humanities and social sciences

240,000 KRW for scholars in natural and mechanic sciences

Settlement Allowance 200,000 KRW upon arrival
Language Training Fee Full coverage
Tuition All admission fees are waived by the host institution (university)
The tuition is covered by NIIED and the university.
Dissertation Printing Costs Reimbursement of 500,000 ~ 800,000 KRW depending on actual costs
Medical Insurance 20,000 KRW per month (limited Coverage)
Korean Proficiency Grants 100,000 KRW per month for scholars with TOPIK Level 5 or 6

GKS Official Website

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For more information please feel free to contact The Korean Education Centre in the UK