[National Hangeul Museum] Photography Contest : Hangeul I met

13:28 09 Jul 2021

[National Hangeul Museum]

Collecting Hangeul from all over the world

Photography Contest : Hangeul I met

ㅇ Who : Anyone from around the world who loves Hangeul

ㅇ When to Submit : From Tuesday, May 18, 2021 to Monday, August 16, 2021 at midnight(GMT+9)

(Winners will be announced in September, 2021.)

ㅇ Theme : Photos related to Hangeul we met in our daily lives

※ such as those of people learning Hangeul, pretty and unique Hangeul signboards and products (T-shirts, belongings, bags, etc.) and photos of Hangeul met by chance outside Korea (They must be the participants’ original works.)

ㅇ How to Enter :

1. Online Application ( 
2. Send a photo with an application form to  ※ limited to one work per person

※ The application form can be downloaded from the website (

ㅇ Photos :

- No restrictions on shooting equipments (Cell Phones, Action Camera) 

- Graphically synthesized works can not be accepted

- The photos must be the ones taken in the year 2021.

  (The winners' works will be exhibited)

ㅇ A total of 30 people will be selected (including 20% of works by foreigners and overseas residents).

※ Award ceremony is to be on Hangeul Day (October 9).

Prize No. Certificate of Award/ Prize
Grand Prize 1 NHM Director Certificate &
KRW 2 Million Cultural Gift Voucher
* For overseas residents, prizes may change to electronic devices, etc.
3 NHM Director Certificate &
KRW 1 Million Cultural Gift Voucher
Second Place 5 NHM Director Certificate &
KRW 500,000 Cultural Gift Voucher
Third Place 7 NHM Director Certificate &
KRW 200,000 Cultural Gift Voucher
Honorable Mentions 14 KRW 100,000 Cultural Gift Voucher

ㅇEnquiry :