[Invitation] 2020 Autumn Term Special Korean Lectures

08:37 25 Aug 2020

2020 Autumn Term Special Korean Lectures

“Korean Language through Korean Culture”

The ‘Korean Wave’ denotes not only South Korean popular culture, but also its popularity in non-Korean territories. It is a form of ‘soft power’; a transnational cultural currency; a persuasive approach to international relations. Of the many factions of the Korean Wave, Korean music, film, dramas, and food have provided soft power since their inception. Their international popularity continues to grow rapidly.  For instance, the Korean film industry became the seventh largest in the word in 2006, and has grown from a marginal subculture into a global phenomenon since. Today, Korean films are world-renowned. They have heavily influenced a new generation of culturally rich language learners that have sprung up amongst fans. The Korean language is governed by a system of interpersonal relations that affects every single sentence or utterance. This system is used to express emotion, attitude, intimacy, relationship, and hierarchy with expressions which are contextualised by Korean culture. In the three talks, we present how to enhance the understanding of Korean culture through deepening our knowledge of the Korean language.

Date and time
 2 ~ 4 September 2020 at 4.30pm ~ 5.30pm

Professor J Kiaer, University of Oxford, Assosicate Professor in Korean Language and Linguistics

Details of Lecture
Special lectures on the Korean Language through Korean Culture

  • Lecture 1. Korean Language through Korean Music : Wednesday 2 September 2020

  • Lecture 2. Korean Language through Korean Film : Thursday 3 September 2020

  • Lecture 3. Korean Language through Korean Food and Cooking : Friday 4 September 2020

    ※ 45 mins of Lecture, 15 mins of questions

Online Platform
Zoom Webinar (The link will be provided to the registered participants only.)

Students, teachers and parents who are interested or students who have been learning Korean language at the Korean after school club of the school

Free of Charge

Online registration  from 25 August to 1 September 2020 via the following link:
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