Invitation for Textbook Specialists from the UK to Korea

16:21 25 Apr 2016


Invitation for Textbook Specialists from the UK to Korea


  1. Host: The Center for International Affairs(CEFIA), The Academy of Korean Studies(AKS)

  2. Venue: The Academy of Korean Studies(AKS)

  3. Purpose
    - To understand the English educational system and promote mutual understanding between the two countries
    - To exchange information about curriculum and textbook publishing
    - To build an international network to correct fallacies in textbooks

  4. Number of People invited: Three

  5. Period: June 12th(Sun) - June 18th(Sat), 2016

  6. Length of Visit: Six Nights Seven Days

  7. Main Activities and visiting sites(Flexible)
    - Korean-English Textbook Seminar
    - Visit Korean World Heritage like Seokguram Grotto, Bulguksa Temple, etc.
    - Visit Hyundai Heavy Industrial or POSCO, etc.

  8. Miscellaneous
    - Round trip ticket(economy class) and other expenses in Korea will be borne by AKS.
    - The invitation is extended to textbook writers and editors.
    - The areas of specialization are limited to history, geography and sociology.
    - All visitors must have a presentation as following:
       1) Descriptions of Korea in the English textbooks
       2) English education system and textbook policy
       3) Textbook Writing and Textbook publication system in England
       4) The development of understanding Korea materials in England

  9. Request
    - We ask the visitors to bring English textbooks that contain contents concerning Korea and Materials related to their presentation